Friday, March 4, 2011

spring coupon, print it while it's hot!

Limited time offer for new and existing customers of Trim Time Pet Grooming. Print out this coupon and use it towards your next grooming. We groom all sizes and shapes of cats and dogs. For a full list of our starting prices see the SERVICES tab at our website

Call for an appointment at 480-964-6441 and we will see you soon!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Use this coupon before the end of the year!

disclaimers: teeth must be evaluated before brushing.
Limit one per pet per visit. Coupon has no monetary value.
Happy Holidays!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Fresh Air Fund NEEDS host families for the Summer of 2010

My dear customers and readers, can you help?

As someone with a passion animals I thought you and the readers of Trim Time Pet Grooming would be interested in helping children who also love animals. The Fresh Air Fund is in need of host families for this summer. Host families are volunteers who open their hearts and homes to children from the city to give a fresh air experience to disadvantaged children from the inner-city. Even if you can't host a child yourself, just posting a mention of this program on your site or as a tweet would be helpful to spread the word. I've set up a social media news release which explains everything, so please feel free to use any of the images, logos, videos, etc:

Please let me know if you are able to post or Tweet and if you have any questions. Your effort can help make sure these children have everything they need!

Thank you so much,

--The Fresh Air Fund

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Food Drive for Friends for Life in Gilbert

Got this email today:
Dear Trim Time Pet Grooming:
This year has been a tough year for man's best friend; dogs turned into the pound and shelters are
double in 2009.

During this holiday season Gilbert Dogs 24/7 is holding a food drive for Friends For Life, a no kill dog shelter in Gilbert. We would appreciate you passing the word to your clients and having them drop by some dog food at our shop located at 2285 E. Baseline (next to the Walgreens).

As an added incentive, we are giving away a half a day of free daycare for a ten pound donation, and a full day of daycare for a 20 pound donation.
Thank you,

as an added incentive I will donate a free nail trim to any of my customers that support the food drive! If you want to use your FREE NAIL TRIM as a gift I can give it to you in gift card form (a $10 value!)


my friends Red Feather Photo (click here) are doing a project called Giving is Awesome!

If you know of a family that has had some difficult times, and could use some family pictures, please check out their awesome contest!

Thanks for all your love,
and Happy Holidays to you all!

Monday, September 7, 2009

we are so fancy!

while cruising I came across Miss Label's shop and was in love with the possibilities! You can order your custom labels or ribbon on their easy to use site at , the shipping was free and they arrived so fast!
(found that satin is hard to take pictures of with a flash, shiney!)

now your dogs have been tagged!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

narcissist or small business owner.... you be the judge

so as a small business owner I spend a great amount of time getting the business seen as many places as possible; directories, websites, twitter, facebook, blah blah.... and hope that it's all good stuff that people are seeing, and trying to be wise with my few marketing dollars!

as a narcissist I check these places regularly to see if people are saying nice things about the business (ok so I may check to see if my name made the comment too.... hey I warned you, little narcissistic) , and make sure that people are able to find the nice things people are saying about me... I mean Trim Time. (No I haven't been drinking, it's been a long week)

anywhoo.... while I was fact checking tonight, I ran accross, a new review I hadn't seen before, it was left at and written by Lincoln and Booth's mom (pic below, of them.... not their mom.... that would be weird if I just randomly had a picture of her- that would make me kinda stalkerish, besides if i WAS stalkerish i wouldn't tell you).

so it officially is my favorite review ever, it has all the right mix of compliments, compliments, do gooding, and compliments. It's.... well just read it yourself:

I feel as though I have written a review of Trim Time before - but I guess not. Better late than never.

Jennifer rocks. No, really. She, and the rest of her staff at Trim Time are awesome.

I like my dogs groomed a certain way - instructions for which I gave Jennifer on our very first visit when the pups were mere weeks old. They are now three years old, and they are always groomed impeccably on every visit, with no reminders of my expectations. (Apparently, Jennifer is either a genius memory savant, or they write it down... I think it is probably the former.) My husband can take the dogs in and not worry that I won't be happy with the results.

Not only is Trim Time awesome, but they give back too. Jennifer has an animal rights blog, and at least twice over the time we have been going there has had charity events (One is coming up on Friday July 3rd!)

If you are looking for a groomer, and you live in the greater Southwestern United States, Jennifer is your woman. I think I would take the dogs to her even if I lived in San Diego. Seriously, she is that good.
to Mrs. Lincoln & Booth, I humbly thank your for all your kind and honest words!

to the one person out there reading this that is competitive, you probably couldn't write a BETTER review than this. Just saying, it was that good.
But TRY IF YOU MUST! ( here, here, here, or here. or you can just click the kudzu button at the top of the page.)